Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

<quote who="Steven Garrity">

> Let's leave the market stats (both Gnome's and totals) to firms that
> specialize in it. Rough estimates are the best we'll ever be able to do on
> this anyhow.

Mostly, I agree, but there are a number of sources of information that we
could use to help us along the way, such as this. Even if it's not vitally
useful or accurate in terms of 10x10, it will indicate momentum, and drive
some inspiration. :-)

I've been advocating a simple enter-your-email-we-won't-spam-you form so
far, but I've just thought of a great idea -> what if there was a level of
the Friends of GNOME programme that did not require a donation? It would be
like a users arm of the GNOME Foundation (non-voting). The gnome-about form
could point to a "join Friends of GNOME" web page... I'm going to play with
this idea a bit... on marketing-list (getting off-topic here). :-)


- Jeff

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