Re: xsltwin32config.h and jhbuild

Daniel Veillard wrote:

>>can you be a bit more specific ? What exactly does not allow people to
>>run configure under Windows ? Lots of projects build fine under windows
>>using the standard autotools set.
>  The serious libxml2 contributors on Windows don't run cygwin or migwin. 
>Most of the recent contributed features to libxml2 have been done by
>those people.
>They don't care about cygwin compiled code, as they don't run it. And
>experience shows that on windows mixing code from different compilers
>just don't work (heck even switching to a different flag for one module
>usually lead to errors or crashes at runtime).
I am sure that the file could be generated with a WSH script on
Windows.  That should be available on all your Windows hackers systems,
and doesn't depend on cygwin or mingw32.

>>I would be surprised if that were true.  You have to *remove* the file.
>>If you leave it in a conflict it doesn't compile.  To be honest, it has
>  Then you never tried ! xmlwin32config.h and xsltwin32config.h are
>not included by build driven by configure, they will just get overwritten
>and the conflict with it (as conflict detection is made by searching for
>the conflict delimiters in CVS). I don't see how you could get to such a
I think it is possible to run into problems with these files if you do
"cvs update", get a conflict and run "make" without rerunning


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