Re: xsltwin32config.h and jhbuild

> > >
> > Why can't the necessary file be generated by Windows users?
>   because configure doesn't run for people using standard Windows tools.


can you be a bit more specific ? What exactly does not allow people to
run configure under Windows ? Lots of projects build fine under windows
using the standard autotools set.

>   people building from cvs like me just ignore that conflict, build and it 
> just works.

I would be surprised if that were true.  You have to *remove* the file.
If you leave it in a conflict it doesn't compile.  To be honest, it has
always bothered me before that this conflict is there, I just never took
the time to look into it like Federico did.  As James said, a conflict
in a cvs update should only happen because the user has local

>  jhbuild decides that the fact there is a conflict means a build
> must not be attempted, it's jhbuild decision to operate under that mode, and
> that's why it breaks in that case. It's not an human behaviour, it's jhbuild
> behaviour.

jhbuild cannot do anything else.  The conflict leaves markers in the
file that will cause it to not compile.  JHbuild can't make the
difference between a user change and a conflict because of this setup.
At this point the only thing that can solve it is manual intervention.


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