Re: Control center and capplet merging

I think merging Font into some sort of Appearance capplet makes a lot of sense. I think Appearance is a perfectly discoverable name for this kind of setting.

Merging Font into an Appearance applet would open up the ability to have an actual Font capplet, that launches fontilus. Installing and managing fonts is unexposed in the UI currently (afaict), unless you know to Ctrl-L type "fonts://" in a nautilus window.

Having an entry point to fontilus would actually be useful to me after the first 10 minutes of using a new desktop install, unlike the desktop/terminal/window-manager Font capplet.


Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno lun, 27/06/2005 alle 17.08 +0100, Calum Benson ha scritto:

On 27 Jun 2005, at 10:07, Luca Ferretti wrote:

I did have no time to add comment on wiki page or open relevant bugs,
but IMHO merging Theme and Fonts capplets is not a so good idea.

One advantage it would have would be for accessibility... it's pretty common to want to change both together if you need a High Contrast Large Print theme, for example. (And personally, the first thing I do when I install a Linux machine is to change both the font and the theme, and then I pretty much never touch either of them again, so I've always wanted them in the same dialog anyway...)

This is a personal "taste", and I suppose you are an experienced
computer user as everyone on this mailing list. The last time i opened
the Font capplet to change something was... humm.. 2 years ago...
IMHO it's better to keep them separated for average (and sub-average)
users, so they can simply discover them. Reading Appearance in the
Preferences list, do you think everyone can figure that it's the place
to tune fonts?

I see that a separate Accessibility capplet is proposed as well, though, so perhaps this wouldn't be an issue any more anyway, depending on its precise contents. (Although I'm not sure if capplets that affect values in other capplets are such a great idea either, but that's probably a separate argument...)

Well, for this kind of needs i was thinking about something like the
attached mochup[1]. Of course it overlaps the Theme, Font and Background
capplets, and sets more keys with a single widget[2], but if you need to
setup an environment for impaired users it's quick and simple.

1. Strings suck, I know

2. i.e. I believe that activating the "Using computer I've difficulties
with font size" option, the system should use Sans font at the same size
everywhere (window border, desktop, applications..)


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