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On Tue, 2005-07-01 at 13:36 +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:

This is a personal "taste", and I suppose you are an experienced
computer users as everyone on this mailing list.

Yes, that's true.  Probably more than most, given my advanced age :)

 The last time i opened
the Font capplet to change something was... humm.. 2 years ago...

Well, I guess my point was kind of that I never go there either, except when I first install GNOME/Linux, because the default font is invariably too big for my tastes. And I usually want to change the theme at the same time, and then leave that alone pretty much indefinitely, too. But you're right, some people probably want to play with such things more often, and more independently. I guess we just really need to be sure that we know how many, before we undertake any major new design.

IMHO it's better to keep them separated for average (and sub-average)
users, so they can simply discover them. Reading Appearance in the
Preferences list, do you think everyone can figure that it's the place
to tune fonts?

Well, it's worked for Windows and MacOS in the past (although OSX doesn't actually allow you to globally change your font at all any more). Admittedly they aren't/weren't actually called "Appearance" there, IIRC, but "Display" or "Display and Appearance", or similar.

FWIW, the average (or sub-average) user probably doesn't really know what a "Font" is either, unless they do a lot of word processing.

Well, for this kind of needs i was thinking about something like the
attached mochup[1]. Of course it overlaps the Theme, Font and Background capplets, and sets more keys with a single widget[2], but if you need to
setup an environment for impaired users it's quick and simple.

Yes, I think we've needed something like this for a while. A while ago we were thinking more along the lines of a wizard, to avoid the slight usability misgivings I have about having more than one capplet adjusting the same settings. But either way, I think a 'one-stop accessibility shop' is probably worth having.


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