Re: Control center and capplet merging

Il giorno lun, 27/06/2005 alle 17.08 +0100, Calum Benson ha scritto:
> On 27 Jun 2005, at 10:07, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> > I did have no time to add comment on wiki page or open relevant bugs,
> > but IMHO merging Theme and Fonts capplets is not a so good idea.
> >
> One advantage it would have would be for accessibility... it's pretty  
> common to want to change both together if you need a High Contrast  
> Large Print theme, for example.  (And personally, the first thing I  
> do when I install a Linux machine is to change both the font and the  
> theme, and then I pretty much never touch either of them again, so  
> I've always wanted them in the same dialog anyway...)

This is a personal "taste", and I suppose you are an experienced
computer user as everyone on this mailing list. The last time i opened
the Font capplet to change something was... humm.. 2 years ago... 

IMHO it's better to keep them separated for average (and sub-average)
users, so they can simply discover them. Reading Appearance in the
Preferences list, do you think everyone can figure that it's the place
to tune fonts?

> I see that a separate Accessibility capplet is proposed as well,  
> though, so perhaps this wouldn't be an issue any more anyway,  
> depending on its precise contents.  (Although I'm not sure if  
> capplets that affect values in other capplets are such a great idea  
> either, but that's probably a separate argument...)

Well, for this kind of needs i was thinking about something like the
attached mochup[1]. Of course it overlaps the Theme, Font and Background
capplets, and sets more keys with a single widget[2], but if you need to
setup an environment for impaired users it's quick and simple.

1. Strings suck, I know

2. i.e. I believe that activating the "Using computer I've difficulties
with font size" option, the system should use Sans font at the same size
everywhere (window border, desktop, applications..)

Description: application/glade

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