The State of (in)Consistency of Save Confirmation Dialogs

While the file chooser has gotten lots of attention and improved dramatically in the last year, it's little cousin the save confirmation alert dialog has been sadly neglected.

I've compiled a bit of an inventory what is consistent and what is inconsistent about the save confirmation dialogs in a sampling of applications Gnome and Gtk applications.

This is *not* a complete review. Rather, I grab a sampling of apps that I use regularly and that I think would be commonly used among others.

The results of what I found are here:

I've also put up a page with screenshots of the save dialogs from the apps I looked at:

I'm hoping this overview can help co-ordinate (or inspire) fixes for the offending apps/dialogs. I may try to assemble a bug list for the issues discussed in the article so progress can be tracked as well.

Feedback and corrections are encouraged - thanks,
Steven Garrity

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