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Hi there

I had a very simple but IMHO pratical idea for some improvements (and
innovations) on the desktop.
i dont know about all of you, but my home folder usually has some
folders, which in turn have lots of subfolders and so on..... i do
this to make this the most organized possible. The downside of it, is
that sometimes i have to navigate deeply into the hierarchy to get
where i want.. unless i make some shortcut of course.

With time, i got this habit of when i'm working on something, be it a
single document or a project with many files inside a folder, i
usually put it on the desktop so that i have quick access. As soon as
i finish my work, I copy the file/folder back to someplace in the deep
hierarchy (or remove the shortcut).
So i just had this idea, how is it possible to work with the Recent
Documents and the Desktop? Like, displaying the contents of Recent
Documents as shortcuts in the desktop also.

Unfortunately, Recent Documents only supports...well.. documents. But
what about using this idea to create a different kind of "Recent
Documents" which can be configured just to "catch" what we want, lets
suppose, text files, images, compressed files, and source files.
And we could also be given more advanced options(ok, put it in gconf)
to set how much time a file should stay if its not used... and things
like that.

looking forward to 2.10 :-)

Nuno Donato <nunodonato [at]>

"You are never alone or helpless, the force that guides the stars
guides you too..."
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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