Re: return of the living dead^W^W gnome milestone!

Muahahahahahaha. Freezes are upon us. Ph33r- it is bugsquad's time now.


More below:

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 00:38:48 -0500, Luis Villa <louie novell com> wrote:
> So... in the last round of bugzilla customizations, andrew boldly[1]
> added a gnome target milestone field. The definition of this field
> ( says:
>         This field describes the version of GNOME that a bug should be
>         fixed in. This is not a 'it would be nice' field- it's intended
>         for use by senior-ish bug triagers and the release team.
> In other words, 'this means GNOME won't ship if there are bugs open on
> the 2.10.0 milestone.'[2]
> It's not been used that way recently, from looking at:

So... I've cleaned out this list, focusing on the worst of the worst.
And I've begun adding new ones- lots of nasty crashers slipped in in
2.6 and 2.8. We're up to 23, and more will come tomorrow and the rest
of this. I'd urge all maintainers to start poking through this list to
see what they own, and I'd urge anyone who cares about the quality of
GNOME and can do a little C to start poking at these and see what they
can come up with. It's time to start focusing and make 2.10 rock,

More later- you can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me-

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