Re: Proposed Modules, My Take

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 12:29 -0500, Bryan Clark wrote:
> >  * gnome-user-share
> I still don't really understand the controversial apache thing but I
> just use the system I don't really watch to make sure it uses only
> "desktop" applications and not "server" applications. ;-)  The end
> user effect of this app seems like exactly what we want while the
> apache code is tested, secure, and heavily maintained by someone else;
> maybe it's just me. The system should get integration from the
> nautilus-send-to side so perhaps we should wait to include both next
> time?

I don't understand what integrating gnome-user-share with
nautilus-send-to means exactly, or how it would change gnome-user-share.

I know some people wanted to drop the gnome-user-share directory model
totally in favour of a "send file to this person/machine" model. But
that is totally blue-sky, since we have no real backend for that (apart
from email/im), and that models has issues of its own.

I doubt the situation will be different wrt gnome-user-share in gnome
2.12 (except that we might have a solution to the folder translation
issue), so I don't see what punting it for now gives us (unless its
especially due to the translation issue). Either its a model Gnome
thinks is right, or its not.

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