Integrated CD ripping/playing (instead of goobox/sound juicer)


I just subscribed to this list to explain an idea of mine.  I posted an
article on my blog, you can read it at
For those who don't want to read the (smal!) article:
I read that gnome 2.10 will probably include a CD-ripping/playing
utility.  I think such a program should not be _in_ the gnome packages,
though, I'd like those functionalities in gnome, but more integrated.  
I'd like to be able to see the tracks on an audio CD in nautilus when I
insert one.  Those should be named like "Track O1" or the name of the
songif it's found with CDDB.  The extension ? I don't know, I read in a
comment on my blog that it's *.cda on MS Windows.  Well, now; when I
drag (one of) those icons to another directory, it should present me a
dialog with the choice of what encoding to use (default = ogg off
course).  When I press OK it should rip them and place them in the
chosen directory.  
Gnome should also be able to play audio CDs, but I think this is
something for Totem (Gstreamer).


PS: I'm not a coder, I'm just a gnome-user who loves the
gnome-experience (I blog about it at  I
proposed this here and not in bugzilla as it's not really a
nautilus-only thing, and more about "why include a CD rip app ?"
I hope you'll understand it as my english is not what it should be!

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