Re: Enforce some restrictions on unstable APIs in the desktop release? (Was: gok broken with new libwnck)

<quote who="Elijah Newren">

> > i.e. the change has happened, you're going to have to deal with it. I
> > don't think this was neccessarily went against any policy, because we
> > don't have any policy on this other than "libwnck can change its API at
> > any time". I do think, though, that we should have a better policy than
> > that - e.g. that unstable APIs should remain frozen from API freeze time
> > until the next development cycle.
> Sounds reasonable to me for future releases.  Do we want this to just
> apply to libwnck, or to all unstable APIs in the desktop release?  If so,
> we need feedback from others whether this is reasonable and whether we
> want to add this as a rule for being in the gnome-desktop release.

I think it makes sense for the API freeze to still be an 'advisory' freeze
for the Desktop release, but we should encourage maintainers to announce
API changes, and attempt make sure other software works with those changes
(as they're meant to do now).

- Jeff

-- 2005: April 19th  
   "The two [separate] UIs are both incredibly simple and don't even look
   like computer programs; they barely need menus. [When combined, they]
   suddenly look like software." - Havoc Pennington on 'software' design

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