Re: Exciting GNOME?

<quote who="Callum McKenzie">

> It strikes me that the single biggest difference between the screen shots
> is the theme (widget, icon, background and window manager). KDE is shinier
> and more eye-catching. It also has more buttons and so looks more detailed
> and interesting (in a screenshot), but I think this is a very secondary
> concern.


> Should we start the default theme flame-fest again? I don't think so.  How
> about we run a grand default-theme competition and let our community get
> involved with the design. (I envisage this being judged rather than voted
> on so we get something that is both usable and pretty, because votes only
> go to pretty.)

Agree (and we should ensure that the rules suggest the almost exclusive use
engine themes). I'll hack up a draft for this on the wiki. Who should judge?
I definitely think we should rope jimmac and tigert into it. :-)

- Jeff

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