Re: What happened to setup-tools-backends?

 --- Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> escribió: 
> It seems the module "setup-tools-backends" has suddenly disappeared from
> CVS.
> AFAIK, "setup-tools-backends" is a close dependency of "gnome-system-
> tools". gnome-system-tools is a GNOME desktop module (which I assume
> should make "setup-tools-backends" a desktop module as well, since
> gnome-system-tools is not of much use without it, although
> does not mention anything of any
> backends).
> It may be that "setup-tools-backends" was renamed into "system-tools-
> backends". However, it would be nice to have some confirmation of this,
> and this still leaves the question open of "why on earth was this
> renaming not announced"?

My apologies, of course I'm the one to blame, some weeks announced about the backends/frontends
split [1] but didn't say nothing explicitly about the name changing (although it makes sense, as
the backends module name was still referring to the old XST name)

I finally had to make the packaging in a hurry at work and forgot to announce it properly, so
sorry again



> Christian

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> Fecha: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 04:27:09 +0800
> De: Funda Wang <fundawang gmail com>
> Para: gnome-i18n gnome org
> Asunto: What happens to setup-tools-backends?
> Hello,
> I want to know what happens to setup-tools-backends? Did it rename to
> system-tools-backends?
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