Re: Wanted: New maintainer for gnome-user-share

Murray Cumming wrote:
By the way, I don't think that the GNOME community has rejected this. I
just think that there's lack of consensus right now.

Personally I guess I'd rather share documents by saying "come and get
it" rather than tediously selecting contacts to say "you can have it,
and you can have it, and you can have it", but I like to make other
people do the work, and I'm used to this way.

Also, sharing one location is much better, from an administration and security, standpoint to having to manage multiple and arbitrary, universally shared locations.

So, it seems like the right approach for "sharing". Case: Make reference material available to the entire audience while giving a talk.

On the other hand, there is also a good case for "send to" functionality. Case: Sending a final draft of a paper to a co-author. Useful in cases where information is sensitive and receipt confirmation is required.


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