Re: GtkHTML 2 Development

On Fri, 2005-02-04 at 12:31 -0500, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> What is up with gtkhtml2? It seems to not have had any releases since
> the last one of 2.6.2, and yelp seems to have suddenly dropped it
> completely in 2.9, in favor of gecko that opens a whole slew of a11y
> regression problems, and I've seen no announcements of removing it
> from the desktop or platform (if it's in the platform libs), or even
> yelp. I discovered yelp didn't use it any more when trying to upgrade
> to 2.9.

I don't think it was all that sudden.  Using Gecko in Yelp had been a
goal since
well before I was even a maintainer.  A patch from Marco to implement
Yelp Gecko
lovin' sat in bugzilla for six months before it was applied.  The switch
was all
over Yelp's release notes.  What more should I have done?

> It seems like yelp should use gtkhtml2 by default, for the a11y issues,
> and make gecko optional, until it's sufficiently accessible.

In retrospect, keeping both rendering engines functional would have been
a better
choice, though it would have made a lot of the 2.10 improvements a lot
harder to
do.  But it's too late in the game now for me to get all the new stuff
with gtkhtml2, so we're stuck with it.

The only question is whether the current development branch of Yelp is
to go into
Gnome 2.10 or not.


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