Re: GtkHTML 2 Development


I am nominally the maintainer of gtkhtml2. You are welcome to take over maintainership of it.


Rodney Dawes wrote:

What is up with gtkhtml2? It seems to not have had any releases since
the last one of 2.6.2, and yelp seems to have suddenly dropped it
completely in 2.9, in favor of gecko that opens a whole slew of a11y
regression problems, and I've seen no announcements of removing it
from the desktop or platform (if it's in the platform libs), or even
yelp. I discovered yelp didn't use it any more when trying to upgrade
to 2.9.

It seems like yelp should use gtkhtml2 by default, for the a11y issues,
and make gecko optional, until it's sufficiently accessible.

Anyway, is gtkhtml2 just completely unmaintained now? If so, I'd like to
grab maintainership of it, and do some work with it.

-- dobey

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