Remembering noble goals (was: Gnome 2.10 Showstoppers)


Luis Villa wrote:
> Yeah, absolutely not. It would be great for someone to do an audit of
> this kind of thing and have it as a focus for 2.12, but it totally
> isn't a showstopper.

I wonder how best to group these things together so that people 
don't forget about them after a release - often you see comments 
"next release cycle, we will audit X" (sometimes it's even "this 
release cycle").

Among things I have seen that fit into this category is
performance. It would be really cool if every maintainer made
performance a headline, measurable goal for 2.12 (reduce total
memory footprint of GNOME by 10%, improve startup speed by 10%?) 

I don't know what decent metrics might be, but they should be
measurable and attainable goals.


David Neary,
E-Mail: dneary free fr
Tél: 04 72 33 95 35

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