Re: Removing xrdb for 10% startup win?

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:28:53 +0300, Yavor Doganov wrote:
> I thought that everyone reading this list would agree that this has to be
> changed.  And it is changing slowly as people tend to learn to value their
> freedom.  Why putting it as an argument then?

A bit OT but ok :) It would be nice to change it, but that won't be
happening anytime soon. MSN is deeply entrenched, has a ton of
mindshare and cool features the IM target market likes, and apart from its
awful reliability generally works well for people.

In contrast, last time I really used Jabber was when I was
co-administering a public Jabber server. Back then Jabber just wasn't
competitive as a technology, and probably still isn't despite Google Talk.

> I use some Tk-based apps but IMHO they don't have a chance unless they
> switch to a modern toolkit.

aMSN has basically cloned the MSN GUI, and a lot of it is custom graphics.
I don't use it myself but it's not a bad client by any means, nor is it

thanks -mike

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