X.org idle for ~6 seconds on startup


as part of my work in looking at gnome login times I instrumented the whole process of loading gnome from gdm starting from when gdm starts up:


One thing I don't understand is why the XOpenDisplay() call from gdm takes so long (11 seconds!). Granted, for the first 5-6 seconds the X server is pegging the CPU, but after that the system seems mostly idle for about 6 seconds.

gdm is completely idle during that time (it's sleeping in a select() if I remember right). I have tried stracing the X server and it seems that some of it is waiting for the font server, which I'm not running. But even after I took commented out FontPath "unix/:7100" from xorg.conf there are still 3-4 seconds in which the system is mostly idle that I cannot account for.

Any ideas?


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