Re: gtkspell (was Re: Announcing: Project Ridley)

On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 11:37 +0200, Martin Soto wrote:
> Unfortunately, the main problem is not performance, but the fact that
> having many dictionaries active at the same time highly increases the
> risk of false positives, thus beating the purpose of spell checking to
> some extent. Similarities between languages actually make the situation
> worse. For example it happens to me often when writing German that I
> write "is" instead of the correct "ist", or even "here" instead of
> "hier". Having both dictionaries active would fail to catch those pretty
> common errors for me.

I think it ought to be, at least, script-dependent. My two main
languages are Hebrew and English, which are written in different scripts
(Hebrew and Latin). If I write a word in Latin script it's not going to
appear in a Hebrew dictionary and vice versa. In such cases it would be
preferable to automate the process instade of asking the user to do
something that's quite easy for us to do for him/her.
Yaron Tausky <decaycell gmail com>

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