Re: gtkspell (was Re: Announcing: Project Ridley)

I'm not a Gtk+ developer, but I think one of the criteria for being
considered is: doesn't introduce a new library dependency, or maybe it
can, if it really makes sense. Gtk+ depending on a spell checking
library hardly makes sense, however.

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Mike Hearn wrote:

> Yes, it's yet another "me too" post, this time for gtkspell.
> Spelling checker support is widely used in many apps, and from my POV is a
> huge pain because gtkspell is a very common failed dependency for
> autopackages. We provide tools to make weak linking against this library
> simple but a few projects for whatever mysterious reasons they have refuse
> to use them.
> Being able to guarantee the presence of GtkSpell by depending on GTK+
> would be wonderful.
> Last time I asked about this, Owen indicated he didn't think it belonged
> in GTK+ but maybe this Project Ridely means a change in policy?
> thanks -mike

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