Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

"Banginwar, Rajesh" <rajesh banginwar intel com> writes:

> I am really glad to see the intention of keeping the ABI same even with
> 3.0 release. 
> As we are going to include GTK 2.4 or 2.6 (based on distro feedback;
> e.g. Redhat ships with 2.4) in the first release of desktop module of
> LSB, having ABI compatibility even after platform consolidation is a
> welcome decision. 

Good to hear.  This project should help that process by moving
functionality out of unsupportable libraries into GTK+, as well as
getting the code supported.

> We are currently in the process of defining the set of ABI to be
> included in LSB. It will be helpful if gtk+ community can provide the
> feedback as to what interfaces should be kept out. Should we exclude any
> interfaces in addition to the ones currently deprecated in 2.6? We are
> planning on publishing the list of these interfaces over next few weeks.

As far as I know, we didn't deprecate any symbols in GTK+-2.8.  It's
early yet for GTK+-2.10, but the only widget I know of in GTK+ that has
functionality targeted by Ridley is GtkHandleBox.  I think the
deprecated list in 2.6 should be sufficient.


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