Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

On Sun, 2005-08-21 at 14:00 +0200, Claessens Xavier wrote:
> Seems great goals !
> Have some questions:
> 1) Is GTK+-3.0 scheduled ? Or is it a long long time work which will be
> released "when it's ready". Will be a GTK+-2.10 version ? Or 3.0 is the
> next version ?

> 2) If GTK+-3.0 is released, will it lead automatically to gnome-3.0 ? So
> is it the right moment (not now, but when GTK3 will be released) to do
> API/ABI breakage in all gnome apps/libs ?

No, GTK+ 3.0 is no scheduled, and there is no plan to break API or ABI,
unless you count deprecating chunks of platform API as breaking API. 
I'm pretty sure that the tasks listed on the Project Ridley page are
enough for two or more major releases. If we do a GTK+ 3.0 after
completing Project Ridley, it would be essentially a marketing version
jump to emphasize the "consolidated platform" message. 

> 3) Is Ridley a already well defined (and planned) project ? Or is it
> waiting for comments to add others API modifications ?

The scope of the project as a "platform consolidation" project is 
well-defined, and we are less interested in "this API would be nice to
have" comments than in "this API from the existing platform library X
would make sense in GTK+, and I'm interested in working on that" kind of


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