Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

Hi Xavier,

I can't answer all the questions. Just one, in fact :-)

Le dimanche 21 ao�05 �4:00 +0200, Claessens Xavier a �it :
> 2) If GTK+-3.0 is released, will it lead automatically to gnome-3.0 ? So
> is it the right moment (not now, but when GTK3 will be released) to do
> API/ABI breakage in all gnome apps/libs ?

There's no reason to think that GTK+ 3.0 will immediately lead to GNOME
3.0. And I don't think the most important thing is to break the API/ABI:
it's more about deprecating some API in some of the GNOME libraries.

We have this wiki page about GNOME 3.0:


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