Re: Trademarked icon in gnome-icon-theme

<quote who="Pat Suwalski">

> Jeff Waugh wrote:
> >gnome-icon-theme ships the trademarked firefox logo. Not only
> >do we not have the right to ship this under their licensing requirements,
> >but it would impact on our distributors too.
> While the obvious solution is to remove it, is there any chance that the
> Mozilla Foundation could let Gnome ship the logo? How formal of a dialogue
> would have to be made to make this possible? Is it worth the effort?

Not really, because if the icon is distributed in the hicolor icon theme, it
may be used to represent versions of Firefox that would not pass the Mozilla
Foundation requirements for a trademark license. MoFo are being inordinately
stringent with distributions themselves, so I strongly doubt they'd show any
support for GNOME essentially routing around the problem. :-)

- Jeff

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