Re: Default Theme

On 1 Aug 2005, at 20:10, Elijah Newren wrote:

Calum, any chance you can just add Clearlooks for now and let us worry
about what to remove later?  (referring to msg00315.html)

I got an out-of-office auto-reply from Calum, and couldn't find Seth
on irc, so I found thos on irc and asked him to do this.  Should be
working now.  Previous comments about having others kick me if I'm out
of line apply; I just felt it was way past due time to get this done
and Shaun shouldn't be held up on documentation stuff any longer.

Yep, sorry about that... thanks to Thomas for doing the groundwork in my absence, although I'd probably just have asked him to do it anyway :) As you suggest, I'm happy to postpone thinking about removing one or two older themes until later.


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