Default Theme

Let me get this part off my chest first:


We hit UI freeze last week.  I declared a new theme three weeks
ago.  Does anybody remember the last release cycle?  How about
the one before that?  And then there's this:


"We WILL NOT shit upon our beloved docs dudes by changing the
default theme 5 minutes before a release forcing them to go on
a panicked screenshooting rampage."

"By March 1, 2005, we will have a set of contingency plans, with
dates, outlining what will be done by when."

Honestly, sheesh.

All right, I feel better now.  Within the last week, Richard
Stellingwerff has landed the latest Clearlooks stuff into our
CVS repository, in gtk-engines.  And he applied my change that
makes the selection color more vibrant.  A big thanks goes out
to Richard for doing that.

(Intermission for those not tracking closely:  I modified the
default Clearlooks theme to give it a brighter selection color,
but still not obnoxiously bright.  I called my modification
"Clearlooks Blue".  Richard has taken that new color into the
default Clearlooks, so Clearlooks Blue is dead, and the default
Clearlooks is to be the default theme.)

Here's what I need now:

1) The Clearlooks Metacity theme needs to be landed into CVS
in gnome-themes.  Any number of people have provided patches
for this, including me.

2) A Clearlooks desktop theme needs to be landed into CVS
in gnome-themes.  It should use the Clearlooks GTK+ theme,
the Clearlooks Metacity theme, and the Gnome icon theme.
Again, patches abound.

3) The libgnome maintainers need to change the default GTK+
and icon themes in their GConf schemas.

4) The Metacity maintainers need to change the default
theme in their schemas.

I have about a month to make sure 80+ pieces of documentation
are in order.  I don't want to have to worry about this crap
anymore.  Please, somebody be my hero.


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