Re: Demanding API documentation

> And we've never competently reviewed patches, much less
> capably kept an eye on cvs-commits.

We review patches at hard-code freeze. It gets done.

 It isn't sane to introduce a huge
> new responsibility, which (1)  would require reading *every commit* to
> CVS-commits *all year round* and

That would be mad, and it's not what I'm proposing. People would have to
police themselves. They do it already for the freezes, and the existing
API/ABI rules. We very rarely have to tell somebody that they are doing
something wrong.

> (2) which the current platform
> totally fails at,

I disagree. I proposed formalising this because I think we are ready for it.

> indicating that there isn't much consensus or
> support for it.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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