Re: gnome-user-share

I haven't checked this out yet. Will do when I get home for the weekend,
but I have thoughts in my head which I need to get out right now. Before
I forget them, and what better way than in a ML.

We have D-BUS.
We have Apache.
We have Samba.
We have NFS.

What if all of these exposed a D-BUS interface for registering shares,
and this D-BUS interface added shares in a predictable manor, by editing
the local config files and reloading the services (until a point of time
at which the services themselves could listen on D-BUS).

You "share" a directory in Nautilus, Nautilus consults all D-BUS
services exposing "share points", and tells them what to add and where.

Each service's config is updated.

Additionally, you know about the Rendevous stuff Apple is doing... this
is where that fits in... to advertise the web share web site.

You walk into a conference, and your Apache2 broadcasts "hey I have some
shares here."


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