Re: gnome-user-share

As I pointed out wrt cups, the problem here will probably be upstream.
I can perfectly see why they wouldn't be very happy introducing dbus as
a dependency - and why should they?

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Jerry Haltom wrote:

> I haven't checked this out yet. Will do when I get home for the weekend,
> but I have thoughts in my head which I need to get out right now. Before
> I forget them, and what better way than in a ML.
> We have D-BUS.
> We have Apache.
> We have Samba.
> We have NFS.
> What if all of these exposed a D-BUS interface for registering shares,
> and this D-BUS interface added shares in a predictable manor, by editing
> the local config files and reloading the services (until a point of time
> at which the services themselves could listen on D-BUS).
> You "share" a directory in Nautilus, Nautilus consults all D-BUS
> services exposing "share points", and tells them what to add and where.
> Each service's config is updated.
> Additionally, you know about the Rendevous stuff Apple is doing... this
> is where that fits in... to advertise the web share web site.
> You walk into a conference, and your Apache2 broadcasts "hey I have some
> shares here."
> Brainstorming...

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