Re: Porposing libgnomesu for 2.10

Carlos Garnacho wrote:
Regarding to the GNOME System tools, I'd indeed like to remove the "su"
calling from its code, and libgnomesu would be a good option, but I'd
personally prefer to give the next step and making GNOME support and
adopt a new method for authentication (call it pam_timestamp or
whatever) regardless of the distro it's being run on.

I believe libgnomesu support in GST has been discussed. It was rejected because libgnomesu doesn't support SSH authentication.

Isn't PAM only available on Linux and Solaris? At least that's what I heard.

With this issue I made some proposals to xdg-list, but didn't seem to
create much interest, my main argument is that modern desktops (where
"admin" tasks are somewhat usual) can't keep wrapping authentication
tools that are >20 years old.

Yeah, I agree.

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