Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

On Fri, 29.10.04 16:48, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller (uraeus gnome org) wrote:

> > You would lose sample caching which both esound and polypaudio support
> > that way. Or does GStreamer contain an abstraction for cample caching?
> The caching of ding sounds come up every time the issue of sound servers
> are discussed :) If it is truly important I think adding support in
> GStreamer for abstracting it is the way to go yes. 

I consider it "truly important". When using X11 and the sound server
over a network you don't like the extra latency you experience
everytime a bell event is generated by your terminal.

I like the idea of using GStreamer as a comprehensive abstraction
layer for caching event sounds. This would allow me to use Polypaudio
as underlying sound server even in case Polypaudio is not adopted
by Gnome. And this would make it easier for the KDE people to agree to
a common solution with Gnome. 


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