Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

On Fri, 29.10.04 12:17, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller (uraeus linuxrising org) wrote:

> Well they have already accepted glib through the accessibility stuff,
> and if they go with GStreamer as their default then glib usage for
> polypaudio should be no problem at all. And I honestly believe that
> unless they go for GStreamer as their default media backend there is no
> chance they will choose polypadio as default sound server.

Anyway I am not going to port polypaudio to glib now.

> > For resampling polypaudio relies on libsamplerate (aka "Secret Rabbit
> > Code"), which contains a few different interpolators.
> David Schleef is looking into pulling the samplerate code out of
> GStreamer and into a separate standalone library. It will be LGPL
> (opposed to libsamplerate which is GPL) and technically it should be 
> at least just as good. So it hope that when the time comes you consider
> switching.

Is there a need for having both libsamplerate and a new library
around? What is the advantage of gestreamer's resampling code over
that of libsamplerate?

What I'd really like to see a libmix for mixing audio.

> Jeff also mentioned moving libgnome over to libpolypaudio instead of
> libesound. I think we should move libgnome over to GStreamer in a
> similar fashion to what Jorn made patches for a long time ago. That way
> if people choose to not go with our default (polypaudio) but instead
> output directly to the soundcard for instance then all of standard GNOME
> follows this instead of most apps switching yet some things like 'dings'
> not switching. This also solves the issue of polypaudio not being ported
> everywhere yet as platforms which polypaudio still do not support can
> keep on using esound for instance, so it makes the transition period
> easier.

You would lose sample caching which both esound and polypaudio support
that way. Or does GStreamer contain an abstraction for cample caching?


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