Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

On Thu, 28.10.04 13:57, Luis Villa (louie ximian com) wrote:

> Good answers. Do you have suggestions on how we could best go about
> testing polypaudio now? This is obviously a fairly low-level change and
> speaking with my QA hat on I'd want to be sure we're not regressing for
> our users.

The ESOUND compatibility module is easy to test: just install
polypaudio and enable that module and use it instead of esd.  In case
you use ubuntu: there already is a package which replaces the esd
binary with a wrapper script calling the polypaudio daemon. This
testing can happen now with a plain Gnome 2.8 installation, there's no need to
patch anything.

Polypaudio's native protocol is much harder to test, since there
aren't as many clients available yet. The Gstreamer sink is a notable
exception. It can be used on Gnome 2.8 as well.


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