Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

On Thu, 28.10.04 13:31, Luis Villa (louie ximian com) wrote:

> So, besides that it is maintained and isn't esd (both of which are good,
> of course), what advantages are there in polypaudio?

Too many to count. A short, incomplete list:

- A sensible synchronisation API: with polypaudio you can have Lip
  synchronous movie playback over the network. (A patch for a
  polypaudio driver for mplayer has been posted on the respective
  mailing list)
- A low latency architecture. Polypaudio doesn't copy or buffer any data
- A flexible plugin archicteture: you can write your own plugins for
  the polypaudio sound server, for achvieving even better latencies.
- A sensible, asynchronous API (including daemon introspection, and
  change subscription)
- Using the module "combine" you can combine several sound cards into
  one for simultaneous playback (including sample rate adjustment)
- arbitrary sample types (more than two channels, arbitrary sample
- sexy GUI tools
- and the most important: in contrast to esd its code is clean and simple.

and many many more. See the homepage for further details.

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