Re: Porposing libgnomesu for 2.10

<quote who="Hongli Lai">

> And remember that the first time you run sudo, it will give you a message
> about "having received a lecture from the local sysadmin" and that kind of
> things? gksudo's code doesn't seem to handle that message.  So unless
> you're not running sudo for the first time, gksudo will fail.

Yes, we've disabled that warning by default in Ubuntu. (It's just a config

> I really think there is no other way than to modify sudo itself. But even
> then, it'll take a while before that new sudo version is available on most
> systems. Or maybe I could just provide a config option...

We could almost certainly come up with something acceptable upstream, and
enable it on Ubuntu. I will ask around. :-)


- Jeff

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