Re: Porposing libgnomesu for 2.10

Jeff Waugh wrote:
What is your opinion on the way gksudo handles this?

gksu_context_sudo_run() (assuming you're talking about that) runs sudo and reads its entire output. Therebefore, it blocks until the child has exited. So gksudo doesn't provide a way to run a program asynchronously - you must wait until it has exited. I cannot abstract that in libgnomesu unless I remove all run-child-process-asynchronously functions.

And remember that the first time you run sudo, it will give you a message about "having received a lecture from the local sysadmin" and that kind of things? gksudo's code doesn't seem to handle that message. So unless you're not running sudo for the first time, gksudo will fail.

I really think there is no other way than to modify sudo itself. But even then, it'll take a while before that new sudo version is available on most systems. Or maybe I could just provide a config option...

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