Bugzilla patches -- it's probably time to apply!


There's a new script to find bugs marked with the
accepted-commit_after_freeze setting and optionally also bugs marked
with the BLOCKED_BY_FREEZE keyword.  You  can just memorize the
following URLs
or you can find these via the "Reports for maintainers" link found
under the Maintainers section at http://bugzilla.gnome.org (other
scripts to find unreviewed patches are also included).

It'd be really great if we could get people to take a look at these
lists.  The former returns 14 bugs, while the latter returns 34.  Some
of the bugs have had patches that were accepted years ago--during a
freeze.  And there's numerous comments like "We missed applying this
bug until too late AGAIN?!?  How come we only remember this bug during
the freezes?"


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