Finding files from Nautilus

Hi all,

After installing Ubuntu recently (which I must say is superb) using
Nautilus is a great user experience with Gnome 2.8.  However, one thing
that I liked about the older versions of Windows (< Windows 2000) was
the ability to press a shortcut (was it F3? F4?) or go to a menu item
and it would bring up a find dialog.  This would search for files from
the current directory. 

I know we have the ability to find files in Gnome, but what would be
really good is if it was slick and quick to use from Nautilus.  Looking
through the menus, all I could see was the ability to select files based
on a pattern. 

Currently, to search for files, I have to load the find dialog, browse
the location to search from, and then go from there... if that was all
done with a quick key sequence or menu item, it would rule!

Are there any plans for this? 

I can always look into drafting something up if needs be.

What do people think?


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