Deleted 'Wastebasket' from Desktop... Nautilus issues as a result.

In Nautilus, things still disappear from their present locations on 'Move
to Wastebasket' and appear in ~/.Trash when that folder is navigated to,
but they do not appear in what I presume to be a VFS location; 'trash:',
arrived at by selecting 'Wastebasket' from the Bookmarks menu.

This is no doubt due to the fact that I deleted all the default Desktop
items, (Wastebasket, Start Here and one other, I forget which).

How can I recreate this dynamic Desktop icon and restore functionality to
my 'Wastebasket' Bookmarks menu item in Nautilus?

Should I restore any of the other Items I deleted, perhaps rashly?



CC me by all means but a follow-up will usually do.

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