Desktop-wide paths and vfolder


I hate to bring up skeletons from my own past, but for all the people
who are calling for some scheme to handle desktop paths I feel I

A long tome ago, I wrote the vfolder implementation we all know (and
hate).  It is currently in gnome-vfs CVS under modules/vfolder. 
However, little known by most, there is a large rewrite to the original
vfolder code, attached to a bug in bugzilla:

Go read that bug.  Really, go read it.  I'll wait.

What this provides is the ability to have a completely arbitrary My
Computer heirarchy.  Incorporating local paths as well as any arbitrary
urls gnome-vfs was aware of (printers:, applications:, smb:, nfs:,
webdav:, ftp:, preferences:, whatever).  Nesting arbitrary paths/urls,
merging arbitrary path/url content, dnd/copy/paste between everything. 
It is scalable, and supports various levels of administrator lockdown.

Now, I am not advocating anything here.  Simply mentioning to people who
really want a system for doing an arbitrary folder heirarchy, that such
a system exists today.  It's called vfolder version 2.  Do with it what
you will.


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