Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

Danilo Šegan wrote:

Today at 15:58, Jamie McCracken wrote:

Well would you agree if one uploads pictures from a digital camera it
should default to putting it in a picture folder?

If so then should it not be the same for downloading images?

As I already said—no, it shouldn't.  Pictures I created should be
there (since it's quite probable I'll be creating my own pictures),
but any downloaded pictures should go someplace else: for now,

I'd hate to see a mixup of what I did create with what I didn't
create.  And this is very much user-style (i.e. some users might
really create music).

Lets not remove at least one separation we already have, and which we
can easily establish on a system (in most cases): user-created data
from others' data.


I understand that separation may be quite important for you, but its not really that important for me (and probably for other users). I currently hava a "Picture" folder which contains all types of images (downloaded, created, digital photos,etc), organized in sub folders. Is not that an viable option for a user like you (who consider user-created data different from "other's data"), to create that separation by using subfolders inside the "Picture" folder?

BTW, I'm in favor of system-wide folders (Pictures, Music,etc) but the apps which are going to use this locations should always provide the options of using an "user specified" folder instead of the system default.

I think that in the work scenario, which is typically project oriented instead of document oriented, should be considered an expert or advanced use-case which could only fall inside the "desktop-wide document folders" model as long as the apps used for each project treat the project (an all related files) as one document. Yeah, I know, easier said than done.
Ricardo Veguilla

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