Re: Should Desktop = Home?

> Now, that's the same as saying a terminal emulator should start with
> $PWD==$HOME/Term since you could rm important configuration files.

No it's not.

1) Terminal users are 99% likely to know and understand the workings of
a $HOME directory, and will have no problems telling what are
configuration files. Desktop users often have very little knowledge of
such things (think corporate roll-outs ect..)

2) In the terminal, you are very likely to cd somewhere else, the
desktop is static in this respect

3) The terminal doesn't show you every single file in $PWD 24hrs a day,
as the desktop does

4) The desktop is meant to be purely the user's 'play area'. Its where
they can see things, manipulate them and feel safe. If you were told 'DO
NOT DELETE x, y ,z' you would no longer feel as confident working on the

Ed Mack

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