Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

> having dwelled on the issue that some users dont want their $HOME
> cluttered I would be inclined to revise the proposal to be
> ~/Documents/
> ~/Documents/Pictures
> ~/Documents/Music
> ~/Documents/Video
> ~/Documents/Downloads
> ~/Documents/Spreadsheets
> ~/Documents/Diagrams
> ~/Documents/Drawings
> I have my doubts that this is the best answer for me personally but I
> believe that the desktop would quickly get too cluttered if the standard
> folders were not subdirectories of Documents.

This maybe a good idea for some people and if they wish they can configure
it to be this way.  Although the great advantage of putting the directories on
the desktop, is it is the simplist solution for people new to computing.  A new
user will see the folders from the first time the boot up their machine and
think oh goodie here is somewhere I could put all my lovely photos and here
is a place I can put my music.  If you make the folders in ~/Documents, new
users would have to navigate around to find that out there are some default
folders to put photos and music.

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