Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

Steven Garrity wrote:

All of this sounds good to me. However, I'm not sure there is really a need for a "Downloads" directory. Most downloads would be of a type that should end up in Documents, Photos, Music, or Video.

I realize the advantage would be to have a default place for applications to put downloads - but as the default download destination is usually temporary, wouldn't it be better to put downloads right on the desktop where they are more visible?

Steven Garrity

I have a download folder in my home directory where I let firefox save all downloads without asking. If I want to specify the path I just use Save as. Once in a while I clean up this directory: delete or move to the right destination. Downloaded files aren't always one of those categories, I don't like putting them all on my Desktop because I need them for a week or so and it would end up quite a mess on my desktop.


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