Re: some thoughts on bookmarks (was Re: Better run dialog)

> There is this totally sweet app for MacOS X called launchbar
> ( Its basically a run dialog
> without dialog that autocompletes on apps, document files, addressbook
> entries, bookmarks and all sorts of things. Its extremely nice. I would
> love the run dialog to be more like that.

Yeah, that looks like a cool app and kind of sets a standard for what
the run dialog should do. I thought tab-completion for commands was
pretty cool at the time, but hey ... ;-)

Apart from improving the run dialog, my email was mainly about how cool
it would be to have an integrated bookmark system. I know that the need
for Nautilus bookmarks has been discussed a bunch of times. I just
wanted to 'speak up' and mention that it would be nice if a bookmark
system could be designed as a generic API, usable by any application.

If an easy to use bookmark API was available, a lot of the new run
dialog functionality would come for free. You wouldn't have to write
seperate code to load Nautilus, Epiphany, and whatever other bookmarks.
I think it would also be a generally useful feature to be able to
bookmark anything you want, in any application.


- Frank

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