Re: what's going on with menus?

Christian Neumair wrote / skrev:
Mark McLoughlin schrieb:

On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 17:38, Christian Neumair wrote:

    This falls under the general problem you see in large enterprise
deployments. Admins like to be able to configure the desktop differently
for users based on the role of that user.
e.g. users in the call-center would have the issue tracking application in their menu, but sales staff would have the customer database
application in their menu.
    Brian isn't suggesting a single user would be able to switch between

Does it boil down to associating menu schemes with particular groups or per-account? I don't yet know those admin's needs but I guess extending our menu editor to be able to do said things would result in a serious mess because it will break instant-apply, heavily increase complexity and such.

Actually I have this need as well, currently re-worked with a big load of ugly cludgy bootscripts to copy the menu spec xmls over from different places depending on the machine in question.

This is because a lot of the applications are semi-hardware related (scanner interfaces, floppy formatter, cd-recorders, OOo, several Games..). Its diverse and policy (sheesh) dictates that not all said applications should be readibly avaiable (IE. visible in the menu) in all computers / classrooms.

So yes, some kind of role-system would be welcome, but it can be cludged around. This could perhaps be done with some very creative use of Keywords= in the .desktop files, together with a menu spec change based on the machine, but some kind of configuration would greatly ease this for us.

(Just popping in with a definite case for this discussion. :)


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