Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

"John (J5) Palmieri" <johnp martianrock com> writes:

> Try typing in a spacial Nautilus window.  Typeahead is there or at least
> in my distro (Fedora Rawhide, essentially Core 2).

Yes, its there but implemation is far from optimal, I don't consider
it useable at the moment, ie. it uses a more or less randm timeout
instead of 'Escape' or another key to cancel the typing, it doesn't
actually show what one is typing, it doesn't provide a way to
'Backspace' through the typed stuff, etc.

> And quite a few people do.  Really any change like this is going to have
> people who love it and people who hate it.  Thats just life.  Should we
> just freeze the desktop where it is right now and never make a single
> change?

There should always be a easy way to get back to the old behaviour,
especially when just doing a minor release. There is no point in
throwing a 'better' way of managing files at the user without giving
him a easy way to change it back to the other IMHO 'better' (as in
more efficent, not necesarry easier to use the first time) way of
doing it.

> The thing I don't get is what the argument is about. Browsing has
> not been taken away.

Well, not, but it got kind of well hidden and there isn't an easy way
to switch back the default browsing behaviour.

> I myself find that I can find files much quicker if they most of the
> time pop up in the same location.  It matters a lot.  I hardly used
> Nautilus until spacial came along.  

I personally still use the shell most of the time or when graphical
then Rox, Nautilus Icon and Font rendering is still extremly broken:


But, well, thats another story of course and doesn't have anything
todo with spatial browsing.

> Ctrl-L for text input.  Just type for lookahead.  

Ah, good old evil 'Ctrl-L' text, didn't know it was there, anyway,
compared to shell or Rox with tab-completion its still far inferior,
ie. it doesn't show the directories as one types, is far to small,
often has throuble with window-manager focus and such.

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