Asking for MlView XML editor inclusion in 5th Toe

Hi all,

I would like to ask for the inclusion of the MlView XML editor into
5th Toe.

I think a bit of description is needed here.

MlView lets you edit XML documents in a graphical environment and
ensures that the document is at least well formed. It allows DTD based 
validation and element names completion.

The editing view proposed by MlView today is a classical tree based
view that let's users work on the structure of the document. This view
is stable, reliable and fully usable today.

We are working on some neat coming features like a "semi wysiwyg"
editing view that would render the document using cascading
style-sheets and allow its editing via simple point and click.
Yes, that's hard, but the infrastructure to do that 
(namely libxml2, libcroco, sewfox) is getting in place day after day.

I think that being part of the 5th Toe collection will help us
get even more feedbacks from the community and build a solid XML
editing environment to GNOME.



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